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Ali Rokni
To be challenged on my knowledge, skill, experience, enthusiasm and creativity in coding of (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using web applications for Web Development and Design in a fast pace Internet environment.
* Highly experienced in web design and development; HTML 2.0/3.0/4.0 and XHTML 1.0 (hand coding); forms, frames, nestad tables and templates as well as several Web authoring tools and many web Imaging tools.
* Experienced with and working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, HomeSite, NetObjects Fusion.
* Highly experienced with JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet, Server Side Include, DHTML and XML knowledge
* ASP, CGI/Perl familiar.
* Experienced with and working knowledge of Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks, Flash, Paint Shop Pro and many more.
* Working knowledge and highly experienced with 3.1/95/98/me/2000/NT, UNIX (Solaris Intel and Sparc architect), VI editor and Macintosh.
* Programming: fundamentals and structures of Java, Visual Basic and C++.
*Proficient in Internet Explorer/Netscape/Opera, Eudora/Outlook/Netscape Mail, WSFTP/Cute FTP/Telnet, Sun Star Office, Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint.
* Proficient in all aspects of computer operation and maintenance; software/hardware installation, configuration, troubleshooting and debugging under Windows,DOS.
* Highly experienced with WSFTP/Cute FTP/Telnet and working knowledge of
* Familiar with networking implementation and installation (LAN).
Software: Highly experienced with HTML(4.0) and XHTML(1.0) hand coding, HomeSite, Dreamweaver MS FrontPage and various Web design applications. Launching web sites and maintenance. JavaScript, CSS, SSI and XML, applet scripting and implementation. Programmed several utility applications in Visual Basic. UNIX and Macintosh working knowledge. Working experience with Windows 9X, NT, 2000, DOS and MS Office. Worked with variety of graphic applications such as Photoshop, ImageReady, Flash and Fireworks.

Hardware: Personal Computer assembling, maintenance and troubleshooting, application installation, customer support, network installation and familiar with Local Area Networking.

Marketing: Marketing Manager, Team leader for extensive marketing of imported consignments and manufacturing products, Information Technology;Personal Computer, Hardware, peripherals and accessories (mostly imported from Middle East and Asian market).
04/2001 - Present
BOPS, Inc. Mountian View/CA., Web Master/Coordinator

Redesigned BOPS, Inc. web site based on its business model and goals. Designed, Maintained, developed and published web pages based on different browsers for the BOPS Internet and Intranet web sites using (X)HTML (hand coding), Allaire HomeSite, Photoshop, Flash running on UNIX server and Windows NT desk top.
Using Cascading Style Sheet, JavaScript, ASP, Perl and Server Side Include commands written in a .shtml file. Coordinated web activities, published marketing materials and product specifications on corporate web sites.
Redefined meta tags and organized search engines’ activities to improve BOPS web site rating.

12/2000 - 02/2001
Sun microsystems, Menlo Park/CA., Web Developer/Web Master(Contractor)

Developed, designed and published web pages for the Software Products and Platforms Quality Office using Vi editor in UNIX (Solaris) environment and proprietary software.
Added and customized Javascript, CGI-Perl script. Created and documented forms and templates, navigation bars and web pages for SunTools new web site and RAS. Maintained the Business Management Systems (ISO certification) site to establish guidelines.
Design, develop, and maintained the non-public group site for http://ssinfo.eng/group (Intranet) in numerous areas.

04/2000 - 12/2000 (, Mountain View/California, HTML Programmer(contractor)
Developed, designed and implemented Web (dynamic and static) page templates using HTML(hand coding and editorial applications such as Dreamweaver, NetObject Fusion), Cascading Style Sheet, Javascript and graphic applications as part of a HTML Production team for MyWay portal products and services (MyWay customers' online sites) in NT environment.
Responsible for creating and maintaining the corporate web site and affiliate sites such as,, (Telus portals for Canada),,, SJMercuryNews, and many more.
Worked closely with Project Managers from proposal through release and maintenance.
Assured quality of web sites and cross browser trouble-shooting.
Debugged template codes, resolved and tested issues related to the template and complex file structures.
10/1999 - 04/2000
Wells Fargo Bank, Phone Bank Div., San Francisco/California, Web developer(contractor)
D eveloped, designed and maintained web pages of Wells Fargo Bank Intranet using Microsoft FrontPage, and MS Access with a combination of HTML, Javascript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), forms, frames, tables in NT environment.
Designed pages, changed documents formats to well formed web pages, and tables accordingly using Microsoft FrontPage, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Edited graphics with Photoshop and trouble-shooted browser compatibility issues.
09/1998 - 10/1999
Technicon, Santa Clara/California, Web developer
Developed and maintained web pages of Technicon using Microsoft FrontPage, HTML hand coding, Javascript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), ASP, MS Access and trouble-shooted browser compatibility issues.
Created forms, frames, nested tables in NT environment. Edited and optimized graphics as needed with Photoshop.

1993 - 1998
Iran Computer Systems Development Co., Tehran/Iran, Sr. IT/Marketing Manager
Management for extensive marketing of imported consignments (mostly from Middle East and Asian markets) and manufacturing products; managed company's growth marketing share for computer cases and power supplies.
Organized and managed teams of hardware and software technicians for assembling, setup, configuration, troubleshooting, recommendation, diagnosis, and repair of systems, printers, peripherals, accessories.
Programmed several utility programs in Visual Basic.
1991 - 1992 Tech. Support/Commercial Assistant
PC assembling and upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting. Sales, customer support, marketing research, and sales promotion.
02/1992 - 04/1993
Karkhaneh Chini Iran (K.C.I.), Tehran/Iran, Foreign Purchasing Supervisor
Team supervisor for handling purchasing cases; responsible for inquiring, ordering and opening L/C to purchase and import raw materials and goods. Business correspond based on Incoterms 90 with international suppliers and sources.
Business Administration, B.S., Tehran University
Refresh courses: Java, C++, Visual Basic, LAN, Foothill College, 1999-2000.
Job Training: ASP.
* Excellent in planning, managing and maximizing resource utilization.
* Detail and customer oriented; skill in time management.
* Easy to work with, dependable, cooperative, and a team player.
* Very adept at learning new software applications.
* Good interpersonal skills, hard working and efficient.
 Letter of recommendation from Sun microsystems
 Letter of recommendation from
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